How Atomic Habits Can Help Your Finances | HDM 286

There are some things we do without thinking like snoozing the alarm multiple times every morning or stopping by a coffee every day before going to work. Those actions are habits which can be good, neutral and or bad for your money depending on your particular situation. In this episode, I wanted to discuss this…

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The Dream Budget Missing In Your Financial Life | HMM 133

HMM 133: The Dream Budget Missing In Your Financial Life

Normally when we think of budgeting we think being restricted, but with a dream budget, we don’t have to be! In fact, it is another essential part of your money headquarters! What you’ll learn about in today’s episode: What exactly a dream budget is The story behind the dream budget and how it came about…

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Introduction to Her Money Matters | HMM 001

HMM 01: Introduction to Her Money Matters

The long wait is over. The first episode of Her Money Matters Podcast is finally here! I have to confess, I’ve procrastinated this for a very long time, but finally things lined up and here we are! There is only so much I can bring writing a blog post, but with a podcast I can…

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3 Rarely Done Hacks To Boost Your Finances Right NOW!

Happy 2015!  It’s a new year, a new start….if 2014 wasn’t what you wanted it to be in terms of your money, no worries because I am going to share with you three hacks to boost your finances! #1:  STOP your money frustrations in its tracks! One way to do this is to get a…

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