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Money doesn’t have to be rocket science, but somehow we make it out to be!

The traditional formula for success with your personal finances is simple:

save more + spend less + get out of debt = success!

Why do we keep on getting stuck then?  There is a missing piece to this formula: YOU!

Without knowing it we single handedly muddy our own waters to financial mastery.

Having more money each month doesn’t have to be hard. It can be easy.

I’ve made super easy to work with me with different methods no matter your financial situation, check it out!

Three Ways to Know If It Is Time To Work With Me…

Which road is best for you?


Her Money Matters Community

HMM FB Group



  • You are wanting to improve your personal finance situation
  • You have tried many things but are feeling stuck
  • You are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start


#1: To provide a safe place for support and money conversations
#2: To celebrate each other’s successes (no matter how big or small they may seem)
#3: To continue the conversation from the episodes of the Her Money Matters Podcast



Her Money Matters Academy


Her Money Matters ACADEMY


Listen, the traditional money advice just isn’t cutting it…

This why I created the Her Money Matters Academy. It is composed of digital downloads and mini-classes that help fill in the missing gaps that is keeping you stuck!

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More Online Programs TBA

Do you want to see a specific online program?  We want to hear from you and welcome any suggestions.

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Virtual Coaching Packages

PREMIUM Money Coaching

90-Day Money Mastery


✏️ Figure out where you stand so you can get crystal clear on where your money is falling through the cracks.

✏️ Let’s build a perfect roadmap for your money together (no one-size fits all model here).

✏️  Design an action plan that you can master in your sleep.

✏️ Make the necessary changes to make sure your current map matches your current situation.

✏️ Receive accountability for a sure-fire way you will stay on track.


What you get:

✔️ Money Evaluation

✔️ Money Design Mapping

✔️ Action Plan

✔️ Reviews, Revise & Adjust

✔️ Check-ins


Who is this for?

🔍 Those who are ready + committed to taking action on turning their finances around for the better.

🔍 Those who have followed the traditional money advice but are finding themselves stuck and wondering why.

🔍 Those who are ready for a change as of yesterday.

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Speaking Topics

    • Money Mindset
    • Financial Goals
    • Saving
    • Budgeting
    • Understanding Debt
    • Money & Kids
    • Money & Marriage
    • Money and the Mompreneur
    • Have something else in mind related to women and money? Don’t be afraid to ask!

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