The Dream Budget Missing In Your Financial Life | HMM 133

HMM 133: The Dream Budget Missing In Your Financial Life

Normally when we think of budgeting we think being restricted, but with a dream budget, we don’t have to be! In fact, it is another essential part of your money headquarters!

What you’ll learn about in today’s episode:

  • What exactly a dream budget is
  • The story behind the dream budget and how it came about
  • Why you should care about and consider creating your own dream budget
  • How to get started with your own dream budget

Chapter 12: The Dream Budget (from Jen’s new book)

What is a dream budget? It is a financial plan that maps out your future ideal situation. When you create a dream budget, you are putting real numbers to your goal. Defining these numbers paints a clear picture of what life can look like, and give you a starting base for your dream budget. Dream big, and imagine a reality where you are content with your finances and amazed by what you’ve accomplished.

Where the Idea Originated:

Over ten years ago Jen and her husband played Abraham Hicks’ Prosperity game. The idea behind the game was to flex abundance muscles using imaginary money. Beginning with any starting amount, the imaginary budget would grow every day for 30 days by any given amount. This money was to be spent on whatever the player chose. For Jen and her husband, they began by paying off debt and putting away savings. As the game went on they began spending the imaginary budget on their dreams.

Fast forward over ten years later, and Jen and her husband have achieved some of these dreams. They have paid off their debt, created a travel fund, and saved enough to purchase their next car with cash. Not knowing where to start, the began to search how to make their dreams a reality. From there they started to plan and that plan became their dream budget.

How to Create a Dream Budget:

To create a dream budget, begin with an ideal income that could become feasible in the future. Take into consideration career progress and business growth. Include desired income and spending, as well as regular expenses. Look at your current budget and address the tight areas by adjusting them in your dream budget. Then add the things you cannot do due to your current income limitations.

There is no one right way, and there is no judgment. Once the expenses have been organized, determine the bottom line by subtracting the expenses from the income. If you still have some extra income in your dream budget, figure out a way to spend it. Give every penny a job.

A dream budget gives you a clear direction on how to achieve your goals. Not creating a dream budget is rejecting what the future could hold. Know your self worth. A lack of self worth leads to you not believing you deserve your dreams. Having self-esteem will allow you to feel deserving. It is not easy. We easily forget to dream of what could be, but creating a dream budget will let you dream big; it is a reflection of your self worth. Looking for happiness is not selfish – the dream budget can change your life.

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