Her Money Matters Book


After long months of very hard work, I am proud to announce that the book Her Money Matters: The Missing Truths From Traditional Money Advice is available on Amazon!

You can check out the book trailer here:


In Her Money Matters, I share what you’ve been missing by breaking down what you need.

My 3-part approach will help you pinpoint where to focus your efforts so you can :

  • Gain the CONFIDENCE needed to trust yourself when it comes to your financial life and feel better about your situation.
  • Delve into your own money story and discover how to create a new one to propel yourself toward a brighter future.
  • Take the money actions necessary to align with your dreams so that you finally see more progress than ever before!
  • Acquire the money skills needed to connect the dots.
  • RECLAIM ownership of your financial life and oversee it from here on out.

Consider this book your go-to resource when you’re feeling frustrated or confused about your money. It’s a heartfelt approach to boost your financial confidence, create a renewed vision and get your financial house in order (this time with a no-fail back up plan for the next time life happens).

Do yourself a favor and CLICK this link to grab it now.  

Abrazos + Much Love

Dinero Done With Confidence