400 Episodes and STILL Going: Lessons Learned From the Podcasting Trenches | HDM 400

For most people (myself included), 400 may not feel like a huge number, but whenever I say out loud that I’ve spent almost nine years recording weekly podcast episodes to help women improve their relationships with money, I always get a shocked stare. NINE YEARS! That’s a lifetime. And I’m sure that lifetime magic is what contributes to making this episode feel extra special. 

It all started in 2015 when podcasts that talked to women about money were not a very common sight. Yes, podcasting and financial advice in general existed, but the offer available back in the day did not match the specific vision I had in my head: a space where we could come together as women to talk about money, our money stories, and how those have impacted the way we lead our financial lives. Her Dinero Matters was born from that vision. 

Over the years, the podcast has evolved and shifted directions in various ways. Not only that: recording hundreds of interviews with all sorts of amazing guests has also taught me precious lessons that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. 

This special episode aims to celebrate all that!

What you’ll learn about in today’s episode:

  • A deep-dive into Her Dinero Matters Origin Story.
  • Lessons learned after recording 400 episodes.
  • Featured feedback from listeners!

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Resources from this episode:

#111 – How to Manage Your Fear of Money with Rachel Luna

#58 – [Summer Cool Off Series] A Chat With Skye McLain

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