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#356 - Resolviendo la Dudas Finanzas Personales Para Inmigrantes (1)

Resolviendo la Dudas: Finanzas Personales Para Inmigrantes | HDM 356

¿Tienes dudas con las cosas financieras siendo inmigrante en los Estados Unidos? Quizás quieres crear un negocio, pero no sabes si es posible siendo inmigrante.  O ¿quizás tienes preguntas de como puedes generar ingresos de manera legal? O tal vez has visto gente que invierte su dinero en el mercado de valores pero no sabes…

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#355 - How Should Married Couples Split Finances (2)

How Should Married Couples Split Finances? | HDM 355

Wouldn’t it be ideal if before you got married you were given  all the guides and the instructions on how to manage your finances? In today’s episode, I share what has worked for me and my partner, give you some things to consider so you can make the best decision for your relationship. This way…

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Financial Roles in a Household Making it Work

Financial Roles in a Household: Making it Work | HDM 351

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the financial responsibilities in your household? Wouldn’t it be nice if our partner or a family member takes on some of these financial roles? Grab your favorite beverage and dive into how to set up these financial roles and how to make it all work. Financial roles play a…

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Spring Clean Your Finances with this Simple Checklist (1)

A 4-Step Financial Checklist to Spring Clean Your Finances | HDM 347

When it comes to organizing our lives, we all have our ways and secret hacks… but in my opinion, nothing will ever beat the joys of having a realistic, well-thought checklist supporting your daily musings. No matter what my goals are, when I have them properly laid out in a list, magical things happen. If…

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Why Reducing Expenses Isn’t Always the Answer (and What to Do Instead) | HDM 342

Are you struggling to reduce expenses? Have you formulated a plan to help you stay on track? In today’s episode, I’m going to provide you with some tips to help you manage your expenses and explore ways to bring in more money through something that you’re passionate about and that fits your lifestyle. One of the…

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