Five Underrated Money Lessons (They Will Change Everything!) | HDM 398

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about all the money advice that just exists out there in the world. I’ve been working in this industry for more than ten years now (!) and despite the massive amount of financial content that is poured every day into the internet, there are foundational topics that, to this day, still don’t get much attention. 

Yes, we all “know” about the importance of having a budget, planning our expenses, thinking about retirement early on, and, in general, all those financial how-to’s that, once mastered, make your life easier. And yet, despite already having that information, so many of us still struggle with keeping up with the “basics”. Have you ever wondered why?

In today’s episode, I will share with you five underrated money lessons that, to this day, not that many people speak about. These are lessons I’ve acquired through my 10+ years of experience in the financial industry and, boy, understanding them has been an absolute game-changer! 

What you’ll learn about in today’s episode:

  • The 3 keys to adaptability with your money.
  • The importance of having mindful indulgences.
  • Why debt is not (always) the devil’s cousin.

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