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I can show you how to save more money…without stressing!

Jen Hemphill

Have you found yourself in one or more of these situations?

  • You’re tired of working so hard & never seem to get ahead.
  • You are good at saving, but something is missing as you are still standing in the same spot.
  • Your money is one of your top priorities but you are so busy so it gets neglected.
  • You feel that you’re letting life pass you by instead of living your life…all because of the darn money.
  • The conventional money advice is frustrating you–on the outside it makes sense, but then you try it and end up throwing in the towel.
  • OR you wish money wasn’t so darn complicated!  If only someone would simplify it for you so you can save time and more money.

If this is sounding familiar, you are in the right place!


Accept My Daily Money Ritual as my gift to you.

Here is how I can help so you can stop worrying and really start living your life (for real this time)!

There is a lot of great conventional advice out there and it makes sense on the outside…..but here is the real deal, money and the emotions it brings on people is extra unique.  There is just no way you can give a one size fits all solution. As a money coach, I believe that money should enrich your life not stress you out. I believe that your money mindset is THE foundation for your success with money. I believe the money skills (like budgeting, saving, etc.) are the bricks that go on top of that foundation to build a strong financial “home”.

I believe everyone needs to be financially literate.

I believe you need to spend & save mindfully.

I believe that you need to live fully with what you have right now.

The KEY to your financial success lies in a powerful combination of mastering your relationship with money AND mastering those money skills.

There are great people out there that can help you with your relationship with money. There are also great people out there to help you with your money skills. The truth is you can’t do one and not the other or you will be spinning your wheels wondering why you aren’t where you want to be!

Here is where I come in, as I bridge that gap.

Not only can I help you do both, but I do it with your busy life in mind.  I keep things very simple. Hey, I get it, we busy women don’t need more complexity in our lives.  We need simple, direct to the point approaches (I love my to-do lists) that save us time and more money! Plus, it only helps that I stay in the know with being an AFC® (Accredited Financial Counselor) ;-). I’ve been there…..I’ve been frustrated, pulled my hair out all because of money.  I struggled with guilt because I was grateful for what my husband & I had, but we weren’t getting ahead.  We weren’t traveling freely and when we spent money for fun there was always A LOT of guilt attached to it. The only thing and the most frustrating thing we were doing was working and paying the bills.  Yes, we were saving, but I felt completely stuck!  We weren’t getting ahead.  Like you money was a big stressor in my life until I understood that powerful money duo of mastering my relationship with it and mastering those skills.

If you are tired of feeling stuck, join me!  It would be a complete honor to be your hostess on this journey via my blog, emails, and money coaching programs & services.

You can start by:

1.  Getting my FREE My Daily Money Ritual below so you can save time and money–but of course!

2.   Giving the Her Dinero Matters podcast a listen. I’ve created an easy to browse list of episodes for you.  Click here to be taken straight there. 

I definitely stay in the know of share-worthy resources in regards to money issues that will help you live your best life and I make sure that I only send the best to my subscribers.


Plus, I’ll gift you a copy of My Daily Money Ritual

Whatever you do please remember you can have a fulfilled life, you don’t have to just dream about it! You can do all the things you envisioned without money having to get in the way every.single.time! Are you ready to enter your money zone of happiness?  I can help you get there, so what are you waiting for?

Who I am:  Mom, wife, mentor, money coach, entrepreneur

What I do:  Teach, speak & write about making the best life and not letting money be an obstacle towards this but rather how to use it to live the life you truly want.

Things I love:  Photography, the gym, dancing, coffee, laughing, girls night out, date nights with my husband, time with my boys, traveling, personal development

Abrazos + Much Love,


My gift to you for being an amazing listener of my podcast :-).
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