3 Rarely Done Hacks To Boost Your Finances Right NOW!

3 Money HacksHappy 2015!  It’s a new year, a new start….if 2014 wasn’t what you wanted it to be in terms of your money, no worries because I am going to share with you three hacks to boost your finances!

#1:  STOP your money frustrations in its tracks!

One way to do this is to get a little woo woo and out loud say something like this:

STOP!  I’ve got this, I AM in control of my money!

**I have to break it to you, you have to start being comfortable in getting a little woo woo.  Think about it, you talk to yourself right?  Come on now, admit it….I know you do!  You talk to yourself when you need to express frustration most of the time, why not turn that around into positive talk?  That’s really all it is, so there is no need to feel weird :-).**

Now, if that is still too woo woo for you I’ve got another thought for you…I’ve always loved those Easy Buttons that they sell at Staples, you know the ones that I’m taking about right?  Well….when you get frustrated hit that button for some motivation!  It’s going to distract you for the moment and hopefully make you forget why you were frustrated in the first place!  Did you know that they even sell ones where you can record a custom message?  (I just happened to come across this on Amazon 🙂 ) Pretty cool, right?

#2:  CELEBRATE all your accomplishments you made with your money.

I don’t care how “small” you may think it is, celebrate it!!  Instead of thinking about what you didn’t accomplish, think about what you DID do with your money.  Were you able to save up enough and go on a family vacation?  Did you pay off some sort of debt?  Did you open up a savings account even though you haven’t made your first deposit yet?  Did you stop going to Starbucks 3 times a week and only go once a week and the money you saved is going towards an iPhone?  Did you manage to save $50?  I know there is something you did that you can celebrate….so dance away, give yourself a hug, high five someone….it doesn’t matter, just celebrate it!

#3:  MAKE finances fun, period. (I won’t take no for an answer! 🙂 )

Is this even possible?  Absolutely!  Think for a moment about what you truly want, not what you are told you need to do with your money.  Is it escaping on mini-getaways with your spouse?  Is it pampering yourself with some massages more frequently?  Is it a trip to Las Vegas with your closest girlfriends?  Is it the Disney cruise with your kiddos?

Then create a roadmap to get there!  How much money do you need to make it happen?  When do you want to get this done by?  Break it down into numbers that is not overwhelming for you.

How can you get there faster?  Does it involve paying off some credit cards to free up some money?  Is it making more money?  Is it spending less money in some areas?

When you have something exciting to look forward to like the mini-getaways with your spouse, finances can be fun.  Plus, stopping any money frustrations in its tracks & celebrating all your money accomplishments definitely contributes to the fun.  The ultimate decision though is up to you.  You are the one in control on whether you view your finances as fun or as boring or overwhelming.

Which of these hacks resonated most with you?  Please be sure to share in the comments below!
Abrazos (**hugs**),