Four Purchases That Improved My Life | HDM 397

If you got most of your financial education from old-school financial advisors, you might be all too familiar with the most important “spending” rule ever: don’t waste your money buying things that you don’t need. This includes stuff like clothing, fancy trips, expensive gadgets, a second car, and, in general, anything that is not an essential need (think food and shelter). 

While there’s nothing wrong with this advice, the harsh truth is that,  in real life, Needs and Wants are rarely two well-defined and distinct categories. In fact, both are quite subjective: your Needs and Wants will vary depending on your circumstances, the place where you live, your cultural context and the season of life you’re currently moving through (among other things). 

So, how can you learn to distinguish between them? 

In this episode, I’ll share with you four purchases that ended up improving my life in so many ways. My goal is to give you some food for thought and inspire you to consider your spending habits with a new perspective.

What you’ll learn about in today’s episode:

  • Why well-intentioned advice, such as “just splurge less”, often falls flat. 
  • The reason why “Needs” and “Wants” are not set in stone.
  • Four purchases that initially felt like splurges, but ended up giving me joy (and saving me some money!)

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