[Summer Cool Off Series] Podcast Recommendations | HMM 59

HMM 59: [Summer Cool Off Series] Podcast Recommendations

This episode continues the Summer Cool Off Series with some girl power.  Why?  I’m sharing my money podcast recommendations done by women! Listening to podcasts are an easy way to learn more, get inspired about your personal finances AND take some action. I am eternally grateful that you listen to my podcast and because you…

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One Year Birthday Episode | HMM 55

HMM 55: One Year Birthday Episode

Happy Birthday One Year Birthday to the Her Money Matters Podcast! It’s been such a beautiful journey so far and I appreciate you taking me along with you. Thanks again for being a listener and for a great first year. In Today’s Episode We: Celebrate one year (but of course!) I share a little bit…

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Introduction to Her Money Matters | HMM 001

HMM 01: Introduction to Her Money Matters

The long wait is over. The first episode of Her Money Matters Podcast is finally here! I have to confess, I’ve procrastinated this for a very long time, but finally things lined up and here we are! There is only so much I can bring writing a blog post, but with a podcast I can…

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Announcing the Her Money Matters Podcast

It’s been a long while in the making, and we’ve received some awesome requests over the past months so I’m very excited to announce that the first episodes of the Her Money Matters Podcast are now LIVE! Even better, we’re celebrating with a special ULTIMATE Money Kit giveaway for you, but more on that in…

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