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The Connection Between Self-Love and Manifesting Abundance

The Connection Between Self-Love and  Manifesting Abundance | HDM 348

Have you ever wondered how to harness the power for manifesting abundance in your life, regardless of past experiences? You indeed possess this incredible ability!  Or maybe you don’t really understand what manifestation is or how it works. This episode explores all of this and more.  In today’s episode, our guest Patricia Abreu Logroño will […]

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Spring Clean Your Finances with this Simple Checklist (1)

Spring Clean Your Finances with this Simple Checklist | HDM 347

There’s nothing quite like breathing in clean, fresh air after completing our spring cleaning, right? Imagine applying the same concept to your finances! It may seem like a lot, but trust me, it’s easier than you think. In today’s episode, I’ll show you how to achieve financial clarity and experience that same satisfying feeling you […]

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