Live Your Life, Not Just Your Budget | HDM 384

At some point, have you felt that finding stability between managing your finances and living your life is impossible? And after this, what follows is “te rendiste”. What if I tell  you that finding balance is not an illusion? I’m here to explain why it’s within reach and offer actionable steps to maintain equilibrium between…

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5 Tips to Avoid the Post-Holiday Financial Hangover | HDM 377

#377 - 5 tips to avoid the post-holiday financial hangover

This Episode is Brought to you by Cash App Like many, you’ve felt the post-holiday financial hangover. But what if the holiday season could be stress-free financially? This episode isn’t just about recovering from financial missteps; it’s about rewriting the rules of holiday spending. Let’s turn those regrets into financial wins together.  Let’s avoid the…

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The Four Pillars of Financial Self-Care | HDM 374

This Episode is Brought to you by Cash App Imagine a life where money signifies confidence, not stress. A life where each financial choice moves you toward wellness. A life where your financial health is nurtured like your physical and mental wellbeing. This isn’t just about budgeting – it’s a lifestyle of true financial self-care,…

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