Live Your Life, Not Just Your Budget | HDM 384

At some point, have you felt that finding stability between managing your finances and living your life is impossible? And after this, what follows is “te rendiste”. What if I tell  you that finding balance is not an illusion? I’m here to explain why it’s within reach and offer actionable steps to maintain equilibrium between…

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Three Crucial Steps Before Setting New Year Resolutions | HDM 380

Imagine if the key to reaching your financial goals doesn’t lie within the goals themselves, but in the actions you take before even putting them to paper. And it’s this time of the year when we are excited thinking about our New Year’s goals or New Year’s resolutions. If you’re like me, you’re already thinking…

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Are You Setting the Wrong Money Goals? | HDM 375

Are You Setting the Wrong Money Goals

Have you found yourself not achieving your money goals this year? It may be that you are setting the wrong money goals. In this thought-provoking episode, we break down the layers to help you set meaningful money goals. Seven years ago I released an episode on how to win with money goals. Today, we’re revisiting…

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