Living in a Cultural Clash? How to Navigate Financial Expectations With Your Family | HDM 393

Have you ever been in a situation where a loved one expects you to contribute financially to something just because you have a close relationship? It can either be an emergency expense (think sudden hospital bills or the cost of a specific medication) or a common,  everyday expense (the cost of a meal, gas, or even a plane ticket). 

If you have, you know there’s nothing more complicated than navigating such a scenario because, let’s face it, it seems there’s no real way to win. You either say no and get a disappointed (and potentially shocked) response, or you say yes and end up resenting the person who asked. Either way, someone will always end up upset. 

So, here comes the million-dollar question: is there a way around this? Is there a way to navigate these tricky conversations without ending up feeling the full spectrum of negative emotions? 

These are some questions that our (returning!) guest for this week’s episode, Giovanna “Gigi” González will be speaking about. 

Gigi is a TikTok influencer, financial educator, and author of Cultura and Cash. During The Great Resignation, she quit her 10-year corporate career to pursue her true passion: teaching financial literacy to young adults. She teaches personal finance and career navigation for First Gen at various organizations and on her TikTok account @thefirstgenmentor.

What you’ll learn about in today’s episode:

  • Insights on what it means to be a bicultural first-gen Latina (and why it matters). 
  • A walkthrough of Gigi’s First Gen Five Framework.
  • A simple two-step framework for setting up money boundaries as a first-gen Latina.

You can also watch on YouTube!

Resources from this episode:

Get your copy of Cultura and Cash: Lessons from the First Gen Mentor for Managing Finances & Cultural Expectations.

Follow Gigi on TikTok: @thefirstgenmentor

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