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#315- The True Cost of Car Ownership (1)

Inflation is at an all time high with rising prices in all aspects of our lives. One of these is the rise of car prices. If you are considering purchasing a car consider the true cost of car ownership before making this decision to help better plan this significant purchase.

In this solo episode I share with you the story of how this topic came about and my own personal struggle with car purchases and ownership.

What else you’ll hear about in today’s episode:

  • The latest stats on the average cost of a new car vs a used car
  • The exact factors to consider in determining the true cost of a car
  • One significant reason as to why we should consider the true cost before purchasing a car

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My own story and struggle with car purchases and car ownership. [1:57]

Stats on the average cost of a new car vs used car. [9:21]

Latino stats for purchasing cars. [11:32]

Why you should decide ahead of time how long you are going to keep the car. [11:58]

The exact factors to consider in determining the true cost of a car. [13:10]

Calculators to help you gauge the true cost of owning a car. [15:20]

Why we should consider the true cost before purchasing a car. [16:54]

Taking into account purchasing vs leasing a car. [17:23]

Resources From This Episode:

Previous episodes referenced:

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Articles mention on this episode:

Consumers are shelling out an average $10,000 more for used cars than if prices were ‘normal‘.

Have cars actually gotten more expensive over time?

New vs. used car value: Navigating the current car market

These are the favorite cars of Hispanic Americans

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