Storytime: My Biggest Money Mistake Ever | HDM 394

If you’ve ever vacationed in a resort, you’ve probably heard about timeshares. The concept is very straightforward: in exchange for a fee, you “purchase” the right to use a resort room for one week of a given year. The “advantage” of this system is that your contract allows you to enjoy the resort room at the same fixed price, which over time amounts to considerable savings on vacation costs. 

While on paper the idea sounds interesting enough, in my case reality didn’t really live up to the expectations. And yet,  acknowledging this in real-time was almost impossible –a fact that made the whole experience very painful. 

Today I’m sharing this experience hoping that it can inspire you to better understand why sometimes is hard to see big money mistakes coming.

What you’ll learn about in today’s episode:

  • The reason why investing in this didn’t feel like a mistake (at first).
  • Some annoying realizations that added up to the pain of this experience.
  • How we managed to get rid of it and why it was the best decision.

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