How to Manage Your Fear of Money with Rachel Luna | HMM 111

HMM 111: How To Manage Your Fear Of Money With Rachel Luna

How do you manage this fear when you have to look at it to be able to move forward with your money?  In this episode you will get one of the best breakdowns I have heard on this matter.
You will meet Rachel Luna who not only has an extraordinary story that you must hear, she will leave you wanting to learn from her some more.


What you’ll learn about in today’s episode:

  • How Rachel got herself not only out of $40k of debt, but had $20k in savings and was able to pay cash for a car in 3 years.
  • Why fear is hard to overcome and what steps you can take.
  • How she is back in debt and why she is not stressing over it.

How Rachel Grew Up Around Money

Rachel’s biological parents died from AIDS when she was about 3 years of age. From there, she was sent to live with her godmother. Her godmother was a single woman who was very independent. Money represented pride and freedom to her godmother, and Rachel wanted to be just like her. Growing up, they never talked about money. The only conversation with her godmother included not having to depend on a man for anything and for her to learn to be independent. There was never a talk about bills or credit cards. She grew up “not having to worry” about money.

When Rachel got to college, she didn’t know how credit cards or bills worked. She thought if she paid them eventually she was fine. Rachel didn’t think about debt or finance charges. By the time she was 25, she was over $40,000 in debt between student loans, credit cards, and a car. When Rachel got bills, she would throw them in the trash.  2006 was a turning year for her because she went through a difficult breakup, battling her weight, and alcoholism. After her wake-up call, she hired a life coach and then became a life coach herself.

Getting Out of Debt and Back Into Debt

In three years, Rachel paid off $40,000, she had $20,000 in savings, and paid for her car in cash. It first started with paying attention to the money. While on active duty, she didn’t have many expenses to pay for. She was living in the barracks with no car or car insurance.

Before, she was spending frivolously. She mentions the little bit adds up. $30 here, $50 there—it all adds up. It’s hard to look at the money you don’t have. You have to overcome the fear of looking at finances and numbers. Rachel started to look at her bank account and started to pay her bills on time. She also became more prudent about money and mentioned to me “If you don’t take care of what you have that you deserve more.”

After 10 years of being debt-free, Rachel ended up racking up $13k in debt in a short few months. She looked at what her bills were telling her, and she realized she can honor this debt because she got a lot of value from the experiences. According to Rachel, debt is an exchange of value already received. She says she’ll happy pay these bills back now knowing she was lent money to have fun. She now has $26k in debt total between her personal and business debt—but she doesn’t feel guilty about this.

Tackling Money Fears

  1. Recognize that you don’t have to overcome anything.
  2. You have to be comfortable with your fear and comfortable with taking action despite your fear.
  3. Release emotional attachment to the outcome—”I am O.K. with whatever I encounter, I am grateful and whatever is there for me on the other end I will figure it out.”
  4. You will be fine, and you will be able to thrive.


Her Money Matters because…

She’s worth it.



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