How to Overcome a Financial Crisis and Not Feel Broken | HDM 337


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At a certain point in your life, have you had a debt that affected you emotionally to the point where you felt broken or in a financial crisis?
If that’s the case, you’ll be able to relate to Nashira Lynton. She is living proof that it’s possible to go from a life full of restrictions to an expansive one, and one with the ability to experience financial freedom.

If you’ve ever had to face a financial crisis, you know it’s both an economic and emotional challenge. In this episode, you’ll learn from Nashira Lynton how therapy and financial education can help you transform limiting beliefs and enjoy financial freedom that lets you pay off debts without feeling overwhelmed.

Nashira Lynton is a financial therapist and owner of Renewed Wealth Therapy. She has helped families pay off cars, reduce debt (over 100k), build wealth and decrease financial stress.

What you’ll learn about in today’s episode:

  • The simple question you should ask yourself to help you have a deeper understanding of your current mindset so you can make a shift that aligns well with you. 
  • How therapy can help you unlock your financial potential and achieve your money goals.
  • Find out how the financial missteps of our parents can have a negative impact on our lives.

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