Finding Peace of Mind in Your Finances with Best Selling Author Ken Honda | HDM 371

Financial worries weigh on our peace of mind. Is it possible to confront your money history, balance spending habits, and shift perspectives? The answer? Absolutely yes! You will learn exactly how in this episode.

Money is deeply emotional and healing those feelings is key to finding peace of mind in your finances. The good news is that you can transform those old money pains and traumas yourself and have “happy money”.

Today you’ll learn how to do it and also how to confront your financial past, find balance in saving and spending, and embrace gratitude with the great teachings of Ken Honda.

Ken Honda, Japan’s leading voice on money and happiness.

He is a top-selling author in Japan, boasting over eight million books sold since 2001. His book “Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Happy Living” introduced the concept of treating money as a means of happiness rather than just accumulation of wealth.

What you’ll learn about in today’s episode:

  • What “happy money” is and why embracing it with gratitude improves your money experience.
  • The only two key money problems that exist.
  • The one action you have to take to turn things around.
  • Understanding your dominant money type and how it helps you find balance. 

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Resources from this episode:

Ken’s Website:

Ken’s Book: Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money

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