What Happened Between Her Daring Belief and Her Worth |HDM 234

HDM 234: What Happened Between Her Daring Belief and Her Worth

Belief vs. self-worth. Can you have a strong belief about money always flowing into your bank account yet not believe you are worthy of that money?

Tune in to today’s episode with special guest Ina Coveney. She shares about the internal struggle that kept her stuck and not achieving some of her goals.

This is a fascinating conversation about how our thoughts affect our ability to create financial abundance. It’s not just our thoughts about money that make the difference, but our thoughts about ourselves and our self worth as well. Don’t miss it!

As a Global Online Presence Expert and founder of The Global Phenomenon, Ina Coveney helps new entrepreneurs gain the confidence and strategy to create global businesses from the start.

Ina is the host of The Global Phenomenon podcast and creator of the BE FOUND program, through which entrepreneurs learn business essentials and how to create a world-class online presence. She teaches online marketing for creatives, coaches, consultants, and authors online and in-person in the Boston area.

What you’ll learn about in today’s episode:

  • The internal struggle Ina faced amidst growing up wealthy
  • The lessons she learned about having a career
  • The shock she experienced when arriving in the U.S. after leaving her country of Venezuela

Resources From This Episode:

Connect with Ina: https://www.inacoveney.com

Listen to the BRAND NEW Global Phenomenon Podcast (hosted by Ina) HERE: http://www.theglobalphenomenon.com/podcast/ 

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HDM 234: What Happened Between Her Daring Belief and Her Worth

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