Three Tweaks To Start Affording What You Want | HMM 12

HMM 12: Three Tweaks To Start Affording What You Want

Imagine for a moment you are out with your family during the weekend and while you are out you see an advertisement for THE family getaway of your dreams.  You get excited and all the sudden this pops into your head and out of your mouth “We can’t afford that!”

Does this sound familiar?  Are you tired of finding yourself saying and feeling that over and over again?  I have to tell you that there is hope and you can make a change in affording what you want with the 3 tweaks I share in this episode.  Go ahead and tune in, the episode lasts just under 20 minutes!

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • We peel back the layers of the “I can’t afford this” phrase and give you some pointers to help kick it to the curb
  • Which 2 tweaks helped us to adjust living on one income
  • The story behind tweak #3, how I use and what it has done for me this year
  • Which of the three tweaks you can start implementing TODAY and start affording what you want!

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, & creates a vision for tomorrow.  Melody Beattie

Resources From This Episode:

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Listen to the [REPLAY] Three Tweaks To Start Affording What You Want | HMM 12 with some extra notes and I share with you how my thoughts may or may not have changed since recording this episode. CLICK HERE!

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