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This Single Mom Had Enough And Found Unlimited Reasons To Thrive | HDM 258

This Single Mom Had Enough And Found Unlimited Reasons To Thrive | HDM 258

Are you a single mom encountering many struggles and barriers in your life? Never underestimate the power of a positive mindset and your resilience as it can help you to overcome all circumstances.  

In this episode, the wonderful Cristina Trujillo, founder, and CEO of Reem Media, shares her money story and how she overcame many barriers as a single mom with love and commitment to her son. You will hear her share the importance of surrounding yourself with good people when you are a single parent. She also shares exactly how your values help on your financial journey.  

What you’ll learn about in today’s episode:

  • The main barriers Cristina faced to become an incredible woman
  • A powerful piece of advice for single mothers
  • Entrepreneurship and how it ties into her relationship with her son
  • How values shaped her financial journey

Main Barriers Faced by Cristina

Cristina faced many barriers to become the incredible woman she is today. When she was a kid she didn’t realize what poverty meant and her first memory involves her school’s principal giving money to her mother to fill their empty refrigerator. The lack of food in her childhood was the first barrier that generated some traumas which affected a part of her money journey.

 Another barrier Cristina faced was being raised in a household where college wasn’t a part of the conversation, instead getting married was the main focus. This is the reason why Cristina got married to her boyfriend at the time and then had a son a few months after getting married, at the age of 20.

Cristina’s marriage didn’t work out, and she ended up in a woman’s battered shelter with her son. That was a significant turning point for her. and she promised her son that he was not going to be raised in poverty. She went back to study and worked hard to keep her promise.

Challenges Of Being A Single Mom

Christina shares the struggles and circumstances of being a single mom, not having the support of the family, and the importance of a child having two perspectives in the household. She also shares that having a child can be a rebirth for a parent, and a powerful drive to become a better human being and parent. 

 A lesson Cristina wanted to pass on to other young single parents is to identify your support system, because you need someone you can trust and turn to for support. It is essential to always make sure to surround yourself with good people and good role models for your child.

Entrepreneurship & Her Son

Cristina was in the world of personal finance, but her life changed in a different direction with an idea from her son. She decided to fully support her son’s talent as a videographer and photographer and started offering those services to her colleagues. They started this business as a side hustle, but she took it seriously and created a full business of it, always with the knowledge and talent of her son. A year after, her son started adulting and chose to leave their business, but Cristina continued and decided to turn it into an ethical multimedia agency, to connect freelance artists and link them with job opportunities.

 Last year, in August, her small business, Reem Media, was formally launched as an agency. With COVID, the agency started offering full-service multimedia and continued cultivating the relationship with her customers in order to overcome the crisis. Her son continues helping her with advise around operations and customer experience.

Cristina’s Values And Her Financial Journey

Cristina’s art and values are fundamental in her life. With everything she survived like poverty, her purpose in life is to turn all of that into a positive one so, every person that contacts her has a good experience and knows they can trust in her and feel that she is a reliable person.

 In addition, the main value that has shaped her financial journey is economic justice and she always tries to align her spending habits that reflect these values. 

Resources From This Episode:

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