The Truth About the Financial Challenges Little People Face | HDM 269

#269 - The Truth About the Financial Challenges Little People Face

It’s not a secret that when we want to move forward in our life and knock on the doors of new opportunities, many people tend to focus on how we look, our physique, race, etc. This is a reality all over the world, maybe you have experienced it. Little people as we will learn in this episode also experience these challenges as well as financial challenges we don’t necessarily think about. It is good to have an awareness of these challenges so we better understand what little people deal with on a daily basis.   

 In this episode, the amazing Christophe Zajac-Denek shares with us several of his experiences/lessons in life around money and how his mother leads him to try new things. Also, he shares with us some of the financial challenges little people face. Christophe is a little person, podcaster, drummer, surfer, actor, and stuntman. Throughout his life, he’s dealt with physical and social challenges as a result of his dwarfism.

What you’ll learn about in today’s episode:

  • The unique point system his mom had and what he learned from it
  • The story of when he moved to LA and only had $7 to his name
  • Some of the financial challenges little people encounter

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Christophe upbringing and experiences/lessons he had around money [4:02]

The story on his mom getting him to try stuff and redeeming points [5:48]

Christophe career journey [7:55]

How he started his career as an actor with $7 to his name [11:51]

What kept him going [16:07]

Financial challenges for little people[19:34]

Christophe advice to all regarding little people [31:30]

Resources From This Episode:

Christophe’s website:

Christophe’s podcast: I’m kind of a BIG deal

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The Truth About the Financial Challenges Little People Face  | HDM 269