We are so excited you will be joining us for Financially Strong Latina!

We will be in touch soon with all the details, meanwhile you can do four things:

#1: Go to the Facebook event page and select "going" so you can get a reminder the day of the event

#2: Invite an amiga or two, three, or…we aren't picky! ➡️ financiallystronglatina.com

#3: Make sure to mark all the dates on your calendar! (we have made it easy below ⬇️)

#4: Share your excitement using #financiallystrong and #financiallystronglatina

March 18th, 7:30pm EST

March 25th, 7:30pm EST

April 1st, 7:30pm EST

¡Nos vemos pronto!
Dinero Done With Confidence