Stopping the Cycle with Jenny Pulido | SDI 22

SDI 22: Stopping the Cycle with Jenny Pulido

Have you ever found yourself saying “I’m starting to sound like my mom (or dad)”? It’s not secret that our upbringing can have a long life impact. This also includes how our parents managed their money.
In this episode Jenny Pulido shares with us how she stopped the cycle of the money conversation being “cosa de adultos” (an adult thing) and so much more.

Lo que aprenderás en el episodio de hoy (What you’ll learn about in today’s episode):

  • The response she got after asking her parents a money question and how she is changing the cycle with her sons
  • The lesson she learned when she purchased a ring with a $239 monthly payment
  • The change she was afraid to make with her spouse because it brought her a lot of shame and guilt, but she did it anyway

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SDI 22: Stopping the Cycle with Jenny Pulido