Staggering Unique Financial Challenges You Need To Know Afro-Latinas Face | HDM 253

Staggering Unique Financial Challenges You Need To Know Afro-Latinas Face | HDM 253

We are all aware of the gender wage gap, which indicates that women of color are experiencing wealth inequality. The unique challenges Afro-Latinas face impact their ability long-term when it comes to their financial life and progress.

 In this episode, Anna N’Jie-Konte, a proud Afro-Latina, the founder of Dare to Dream Financial Planning, and a passionate believer in the empowerment of women and minorities in America, shares with us her money story and personal money lessons, and why the financial progress of women of color is still in the early stages.

What you’ll learn about in today’s episode:

  • The struggles of worth in her upbringing and the lessons learned
  • Women of color and their financial progress
  • Difference between an Afro-Latina and a black women money conversations

Anna’s Financial Journey

Anna shares with us her strong memories about money, and why it was a source of anxiety and stress during her childhood. She also shares the impact family has about the perspective you form about money while growing up. It was when she started to work when she realized that money can be handled another way, starting with your money behaviors. Now, she is dedicated to helping women of color and other Afro-Latinas like herself, to plan their financial future, live boldly, and make a lasting impact on their family tree.

Women of Color and Financial Progress

The financial progress for women of color to include Afro-Latinas is still in the very early stages. For Latinos, blacks, and first-generation-Americans the “American dream” is harder, Anna shares that they are starting to prioritize the well-being of their financial future. . Anna shares that the first step to take is to work on the mindset, have the capacity of thinking long-term and have a vision for the future is crucial.

↳ Is the focus on real estate something cultural in women of color?

Having a vision long-term for your finances, and making decisions now that are going to be really helpful for you 10-15 years ahead, is important. Real estate is something that communities of color focus on, it’s good to have housing security, but real estate is not the be all end all. When people get beyond that perspective and look at other ways to invest so more liquid investments, it’s going to be the key to financial freedom for women of color.

A Difference Between Afro-Latinas and a Black Women’s Money Beliefs

Anna shares that for her, being an Afro-Latina has given her a different perspective about money. One of the main differences is that Afro- Latinas talk a lot about getting married to have a “good life”, even if your parents empowered you to be financially independent, marriage is one of the main topics on the family money conversations, which is a conflicting message.

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Staggering Unique Financial Challenges You Need To Know Afro-Latinas Face | HDM 253

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