Shame, Guilt and The Layers Behind That With Lisa Carpenter | HMM 73


Shame and guilt, we all deal with that from time to time.

If you are in need of inspiration and are feeling stuck because of either of these two things– we’ve got you covered.

Powerhouse nutrition and life coach Lisa Carpenter is our special guest on the podcast!

The reality is that those emotional triggers like shame and guilt affect so many aspects of your life.

This includes from financial decisions all the way to what you eat which of course affects how you feel.  In a nutshell it can be a domino effect.

You will learn more about this and more in this episode.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How her relationship with money has evolved and grown to a place where she doesn’t cover her eyes anymore
  • The difference between shame and guilt and why it matters
  • Why she reads something weekly around money
  • Her tips on meal planning, thoughts on organic foods, grass-fed beef and more!

Resources From This Episode:

Connect with Lisa!

Lisa’s co-hosted podcast:  All The Stuff Podcast

Books Mentioned:


Money, A Love Story

Think And Grow Rich

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