Listener’s Money Stories and Why It Takes A Village, Part 1 | HMM 88

HMM 88: Listener Stories and Why It Takes A Village, Part 1

You have heard the saying “It takes a village”?  There is no exception with your money  because it also takes a village.

This week you get to meet 3 fabulous ladies: Kathi, Christina, and Laura who have been listeners of this podcast.

We get to learn their money stories and their growth and success on their money journey as they dived in and became a part of the Fearless Money Sisterhood!

Enrollment for the Fearless Money Sisterhood opens Saturday, February 11th!!

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Christina’s Fearless Money Sisterhood Story

Who Is Christina:
Christina, who has been a member of Fearless Money Sisterhood (FMS) for about 6 months at the time of this recording and is a freelancer with a fluctuating income. Up until now, it has not been easy for her to plan her finances.

Before Joining:
Before joining FMS, Christina had incurred some debt, which she attributed to not having a plan. When she discovered the Her Money Matters (HMM) Podcast and FMS, she had just finished paying offer her debt, by basically working as much as she could and putting any extra cash into her debt. She was debt free, but without a plan to avoid repeating the same scenario all over again.

Since Joining:
With a plan firmly in place, Christina now has various accounts with automatic savings, and is now ready for unexpected expenses. She is also on top of her taxes, and is excited for tax season for the first time ever!

Her Favorite Part:
The member site: Christina finds this to be a great resource that she turns to whenever she feels the need, and loves the fact that she can go back to the material prior to when she joined to get the help she needs.
Office hours: Christina finds these invaluable as whenever she needs to reach out, the office hours are there.

Why She Recommends FMS:
As a single person, handling all of her own finances, Christina enjoys the extra help, accountability and support from Jen and other members. There is always someone in the group who is ready to help out. She claims she would not be where she is now without the group.

Kathi’s Fearless Money Sisterhood Story

Who is Kathi:
A mother of 3 children, 3 year old twins and a 5 year old daughter, Kathi works full time at a financial firm in the HR department. She enjoys her work, and adores her family. Her goals are to plan her life and finances so she can spend more time vacationing with them.

Before Joining:
Kathi and her husband have always struggled committing to a budget and thinking of money as a tool.  They got to a point where with every time they turned around they needed to borrow money and were not prepared for unexpected expenses which led to living paycheck to paycheck and feeling frustrated. Kathi found the podcast somewhat by accident. After listening to it she quickly learned that managing money in order to achieve her goals, was both attainable and manageable.

Since Joining:
Since joining FMS, Kathi and her husband have been able to keep to a plan, and have made great strides, despite dealing with the loss of a family member, and having an emotionally challenging year. They are well on their way to reaching the goals they have set for themselves.

Her Favorite Part:
Through the group, Kathi has made some awesome online friends. The group is welcoming, and everyone is in it together, supporting each other, and providing a safe place to share.

Why She Recommends FMS:
Having been able to go from the bottom, struggling to pay for food and living paycheck to paycheck, to making great strides managing her finances, Kathy knows that the group has been there for her throughout. She knows that whenever she has a need for support, she can pop into the group and get the help she needs from Jen and the others.

Laura’s Fearless Money Sisterhood Story

Who is Laura:
Laura is one of the first two people who signed up for the Fearless Money Sisterhood and is now an alumna. Laura has her own business doing creative services for small businesses and entrepreneurs, and enjoys working with different types of people.

Before Joining:
Before joining FMS, Laura was not at all involved in the finances while she didn’t pay much attention to it. She was not always happy with the financial decisions he made, but her unwillingness to participate due to fear was starting to weigh on her.

Since Joining:
“Plan, Patience, Confidence” ~Jen Hemphill.  These are words dear to Laura, and is what she uses to describe where she is now. She has it posted in a place where she can always see it. She is no longer afraid of thinking of money and taking action, and even enjoys working on the spreadsheet tool (which is one of the many perks of being a member), which she has now made her own. She has much more confidence dealing with money.

She has also learned the importance of taking the non-monthly expenses and planning ahead so when they come up she is prepared. She also shared how being aware of how her own mindset works has allowed to her tweak the systems to complement the way she thinks, and has achieved great success!

Her Favorite Part:
For Laura, Jen is her favorite part of FMS. With money being such a sensitive subject, she gives Jen kudos for creating such a wonderful environment to share that is safe, honest and private.

Why She Recommends FMS:
In the group you can ask questions that you can’t ask anywhere else – and it is a great feeling to have a place to test things out and get support from Jen and others. She loves the Office Hours as they really helped her out in a time of need.

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