Introducing a New Sister Podcast, Su Dinero Importa

For months I’ve been hinting at a new podcast. I also love watching those creative baby gender reveals (they weren’t a thing when I was expecting either of my boys).

Even though there are no more human babies in our future, I do have a big announcement.  **drum roll please**

The Her Money Matters Podcast is welcoming a sister called the Su Dinero Importa Podcast!

She is here too 🙌🏼, check her out below.


Why am I doing the Su Dinero Importa Podcast?

It’s simple. I have TWO reasons.

Reason #1: You and I are too familiar with the gender wage gap that exists and that Latinas have the biggest gap! Advocating for getting paid more is one answer to the problem. However, I strongly believe that being confident and having control of your finances is a stronger solution. You really have to work from within first.  

Reason #2: Financial education is lacking and women need a safe space to talk and learn money by someone who looks like them. Personal finance podcasts in the Latino space are also lacking. Try to search for a Latina woman host to that dynamic and it is lacking even more.


What can you expect?

It follows the same format as Her Money Matters, the difference is that more Spanish is spoken and the guests are primarily from the Latino community.

It is a bilingual podcast so you will hear a mix of the two languages and that will vary from episode to episode. Each episode though, will disclose how much Spanish will be spoken. 

There will still be weekly episodes, some interviews and some solo episodes.


I would love your help in spreading the word, will you join me in sharing? 

Be entered  in the giveaway to win a 1:1 Money Mapping Session with me valued at $300! (or if you prefer I also give great hugs too 😂)

#1: Share this blog post or any of the episodes

#2: Share one thing you are excited about with this podcast AND

#3: Use the hashtag #sudineroimporta

#4: Tag me @jenhemphill on Instagram, @jenhemphilll on Twitter, on FB you can just find me as Jen Hemphill.  

Note: If you do this on Facebook be sure to have your post set to public so we can find it when searching the hashtag.

I hope you are as excited as I am about the Su Dinero Importa Podcast!

Abrazos + Much Love,



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