How Travel Like Money is a Mindset | HDM 278

#278 How Travel Like With Money is a Mindset

Many times, we use money as an excuse not to do the things we love. One of the most common examples is traveling. We put many blocks before we even allow ourselves to dream of going somewhere or taking a trip. You can travel within any kind of means, time or budget- it is possible. No matter where you are, your circumstances or the time you have (or don’t have), if we really want something we’ll find a way with a positive travel mindset. If you can relate to this, keep reading.

In this episode, the amazing Jeannette Ceja, a bilingual Travel Journalist, TV Host, Travel Advisor, and a Global Public Speaker, shares with us some of her money memories and her family upbringing around money. She also shares how her relationship with money has affected her love for travel and why travel like with money is a mindset.

What you’ll learn about in today’s episode:

  • Jeannette’s memories and upbringing around money
  • How her relationship with money has affected her love for travel
  • Why travel is mindset

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Jeannette’s money memories [2:42]

Her family upbringing around money [6:55]

What came first? Her love for travel or her love for journalism? [8:56]

How her personal relationship with money has affected part of her life including her love for travel [12:22]

Why travel like with money is a mindset for Jeannette [17:29]

Places where Jeannette traveled where she felt pleasantly surprised about [20:06]

Where is the most economical Jeannette has traveled to [22:49]

What Jeannette thinks is going to be some of the lasting impact on how the pandemic will affect travel for the long term [25:05]

The one thing Jeannette with more people know or appreciate about travel [31:02]

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#278 How Travel Like Money is a Mindset

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