How To Make Becoming Financially Strong Easy | HDM 259

How To Make Becoming Financially Strong Easy | HDM 259

April is the month where we celebrate, where we highlight, and where we give focus to Financial Literacy Month. Since it’s a whole month dedicated to financial literacy and with the recent online event Financially Strong Latina I want to encourage you to continue your journey on becoming financially strong and financially literate.

What you’ll learn about in today’s episode:

  • What you can expect on the podcast during Financially Literacy Month
  • How to be financially strong
  • How to stay financially strong

Financially Literacy Month A Lo Latino

Financial Literacy Month started as Youth Financial Literacy Day. Eventually, it got passed by Congress to be Financial Literacy Month in 2005, but it wasn’t proclaimed until years later.

This month I have a special series focused on financial literacy, but a lo Latino. The Her Dinero Matters podcast is created with the Latina in mind and with the Financially Strong Latina event, we wanted to create a more specific focus on becoming financially strong. As you know, Latinas are the ones that run the household and the ones that manage those household finances, which is why it’s so critical on becoming financially strong and have control over our finances. It is all related to Financial Literacy Month because you need to understand your finances and be financially literate, to be financially strong.

Financially Strong Is Not In The Dictionary

In the Financially Strong Latina event, the speakers and the participants on social media shared their definition of financially strong. If you weren’t signed up, here are the key points how I defined it:

↳Having clarity on your current financial situation.

↳Being financially stable.

↳Having confidence in making financial decisions.

↳Feeling content about your financial situation.

Becoming financially strong can mean different things to different people. In this episode, I’m going to share with you several definitions from some of our participants of the Financially Strong Latina event. A big part of becoming financially strong is identifying what it means to you.

Staying Financially Strong

Think about exercising, when you lift some weights, for example, you become stronger and when you stop, your muscles weaken. When you exercise those muscles to save, invest, improve your credit score, talk to your children about financial education, etc., you’re becoming financially stronger, and you’re maintaining that strength. Staying financially strong comes with commitment and consistency. Don’t miss what else I shared in the episode about this point.

Resources From This Episode:

Session #3 (last session) of Financially Strong Latina is tonight! Did you grab your spot for tonight’s session? Today, April 1st, (It’s FREE) thanks to the sponsorship of AARP.

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How To Make Becoming Financially Strong Easy | HDM 259