How to Find Your Voice and Change Your Life | HDM 292

#292 - How to Find Your Voice and Change Your Life

Have you ever thought or do you think that if you were born poor you died poor? Generational poverty is at the root of many of our traumas. You can build the life you’ve always dreamed of, no matter where you came from or where you are at in your money journey. The important thing is to align your mindset, actions, and to know how to find your voice. Today’s guest shares how she coped with her traumas and found her voice not just for herself but others who hadn’t found their voice. 

In this episode, Hilda Zamora, a legal giant in her community shares with us her upbringing and lessons around money, plus the unspeakable experience that marked her life and some words to pass on to other Latinas that are limiting themselves as to the money they can earn and the wealth they can build.

What you’ll learn about in today’s episode:

  • The inside story behind the experience that marked her life and her financial journey
  • Her perspective on how generational trauma affects the Latino Community in building wealth
  • How she found her voice and how you can too

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The experience that marked not only her life but her financial journey. [3:06]

How she changed her generational belief about money. [9:20]

Her perspective on how generational trauma affects the Latino Community in building wealth. [13:03]

The story behind her bail bonds business and what led to her starting it. [16:34]

She shares her account on how the name “la defensora del pueblo” came about.. [22:22]

Hilda also passes on her wisdom as to why we as Latinas  are limiting ourselves as to the money we can earn and the wealth we can build. [24:49]

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#292 - How to Find Your Voice and Change Your Life