How To Empower Your Finances By Expanding Your Money Capacity | HDM 291

#291 - How To Empower Your Finances By Expanding Your Money Capacity (2)

Your money history, upbringing, and how you perceive money are a big thing standing in the way of achieving your financial goals. However, by expanding your money capacity, you will learn how to handle and embrace each level that comes up in  your life.  Plus, this is happening all while impacting your growth  in ways you didn’t think were possible. 

In this episode, Lisa Fabrega, a leadership coach who helps ambitious people expand their capacity to handle more growth, wealth & success, shares with us what changed the perception she had around money and how it helped her to get out of debt. She also shares what is capacity shift and one useful tip to increase your money capacity.

What you’ll learn about in today’s episode:

  • Lisa’s 100k debt and how a conversation changed her perception about money
  • What capacity shift is and why it matters
  • One tip to increase your money capacity

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Lisa’s upbringing, lessons/experiences she has had around money. [3:36]

Her story about being 100k in debt and the conversation she had that turned her perception about money. [5:56]

What led her to coach people. [10:09]

What capacity shift is and why it matters. [13:50]

An example on how your upbringing can limit your money capacity. [16:13]

How Lisa works with people to increase their money capacity. [18:42]

Stories from people she has worked with when they have done a capacity shift and what changes.[22:08]

One tip to increase your money capacity. [27:10]

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#291 - How To Empower Your Finances By Expanding Your Money Capacity