How This Side Hustle Turned Into Earning Her Six-Figures | HDM 281

How This Side Hustle Turned Into Earning Her Six-Figures

Looking for ways to earn extra money with a side hustle? Side hustles are one of the best ways to increase your income so you can pay off debt, grow your retirement savings, or reduce your financial stress. First, you must define your goal and, second, choose to do something that you love and are good at. In the end all the sacrifice will be worth it. Do you want to know more about the power of side hustle? Keep reading.

In this episode, Jannese Torres-Rodriguez, a nationally-acclaimed Latina Money Expert, Educator, Speaker, Writer and Wealth Coach and host of “Yo Quiero Dinero” podcast, shares with us some of her experiences around money and how she went from a 9-5 job to a side hustle then to full time entrepreneur. She also shares her recommendations for people to look for in a side hustle and the kind of side hustles you need if you are looking to make money fast.

What you’ll learn about in today’s episode:

  • How Jannese’s heritage influenced her money journey
  • Her recommendation of what to to look for in a side hustle
  • What kind of side hustles you need if you are looking to make money fast

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Jannese’s upbringing and experiences/lessons she had around money. [3:05]

The shift from a well paid  9-5 job to a full time entrepreneur all because of starting a side hustle. [6:33]

What Jannese recommends to look for in a side hustle. [16:05]

The most common and the most unique side hustle Jannese has seen. [19:59]

If someone is looking to make money like yesterday, this is the kind of side hustle Jannese recommends. [21:40]

Her most memorable feedback about her job. [27:22]

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How This Side Hustle Turned Into Earning Her Six-Figures