How Resilience Made Her Financially Strong and Secure | HDM 256

How Resilience Made Her Financially Strong and Secure | HDM 256

Have you ever felt like you are navigating in different directions and nothing seems to work? Bring in that resilience inside you to play when you are putting all your efforts towards your financial goal, things will happen. Every action or decision you take, even the smallest ones, will bring you one step closer to become financially strong(er). You may not notice it right away, but believe me, good things take time.

Tune in to today’s episode with our wonderful guest, Mariely Sylvette. She shares some of her personal career and money lessons learned along the way. You will hear her share how resilience helped her to become a financially strong woman and grow her business. She also shares the financial impact of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico which no one talks about.

Mariely is a branding & marketing strategist who works with professionals and executives to re-define their personal branding and business objectives to land their most ideal clients and opportunities. 

What you’ll learn about in today’s episode:

  • Her money story and the lessons she learned along the way
  • The path her career journey took and how it led to entrepreneurship
  • Behind the scenes look at the continued impact Hurricane Maria has had
  • The financial implications from Hurricane Maria and how she and others have navigated through this

Resources From This Episode:

Mariely on Instagram:  @MarielySylvette

Mariely’s website:

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How Resilience Made Her Financially Strong and Secure | HDM 256


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