• Mark says:

    The problem with the ACÁ. I was looking at the subsidies too becausse when you retire early you have no income. But with the current administration, it’s doubtful if the subsidies will be around. I don’t trust them to be around

  • Michael says:

    Hello Mark

    I can understand why you may be worried about the legislation. The ACA is such a massive bill that required years to roll out, and made substantial structural changes to the insurance industry.

    Any bill that would be passed would require years to implement; the ACA is just too big to toss out overnight. I hate to use the term “too big to fail” however it fits here. At this point, the ACA is here to stay.

    If you are still worried, maybe Jen can have me back on the show, and we can discuss ACA alternatives. 😉

  • Arturo says:

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