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HMM 140: Acknowledging The Unspoken Matters When She Makes More With Farnoosh Torabi

HMM 140: Acknowledging The Unspoken Matters When She Makes More With Farnoosh Torabi

Do you make more than your partner? In this interview, Farnoosh Torabi shares with us the unspoken matters of when she makes more and it is a fascinating discussion which you do not want to miss.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How she came into her career of journalism and why she chose to focus on finance
  • The unsaid and unheard issues within marriages where the woman is the breadwinner
  • One priceless tip that you can implement today to help navigate the waters if you are the woman breadwinner

Farnoosh grew up with a strong awareness of money, it’s uses, and how to save it. Culturally, money was an open topic in her family. Farnoosh credits her childhood for her lack of fear towards financial hiccups.


Journey to Journalism

Whilst in college, Farnoosh never dreamed of becoming a financial journalist. For her first couple of years she did not know what to major in, until pressure from her family lead her to choose business finance. Not only did she know her major would provide her with a secure job after college, but that fact that few women enrolled in finance intrigued her. During her studies in finance, Farnoosh quickly developed an interest in the stories behind financial situations. She also had an appreciation for writing. In combining these two interests, Farnoosh discovered financial journalism. It was not easy convincing her parents of her new found career in journaling, however they quickly came around when her success began to bloom.


When She Makes More

When she was newly engaged, Farnoosh began contemplating the subject of her next book. She knew she wanted to write something dedicated to women, but did not know what. So, she turned to her own life for ideas. She thought about the perplexing feelings she felt due to the pressure of her family concerning her larger income compared to that of her husband. For her there was no conflict, but there was an underlying stigma surrounding the idea; how could one person be responsible for the kids and the income? She realized that many other families fell into the same situation and she knew she had to write her book on it. Farnoosh focused on the importance of communication.  She wanted to give couples a guide on how to communicate their feelings and make things better for their families and relationships.


Farnoosh’s Tips

Respect is important; each person enters a marriage to feel purposeful. For a millennia, men have been the primary workers and providers; from catching dinner to providing money. Since this is still the modern mindset, women breadwinners are often looked at with skepticism. Since men want to feel purposeful, women in this situation have an opportunity to fulfill their spouse’s need for purpose.

Farnoosh suggests identifying 1-10 things that your husband could take on as commander and chief. Present it as a problem you have that needs solving, and that his heroism is the answer.

Farnoosh gives an example

After 6-8 weeks off the grid for maternity leave, Farnoosh hired a full-time nanny so she could return to work. Most days she would finish wok by 4, and return home to look after the children till her husband returned at 6. Some days, however, Farnoosh could not finish by 4, and would have to return to work at 8. By that time she was exhausted, and her work began to suffer. To solve this problem, Farnoosh and her husband decided he would go to work earlier, so they could both finish by 4. That way if she had more work to do, he could take parent duty while she finished up.


About Book to Brand

Book to Brand is Farnoosh’s program that shares the nitty-gritty of how she built her business and brand. Farnoosh came up with the idea when she an increasing number of people began asking how she became successful. For her, the strategy was writing books. It was a huge catalyst for her career, yet it required hard work and vigilance. In order to help other, she channelled her own difficulties, and created this program.

The program consists of 10 participants from different backgrounds and businesses, with some success, a dream to start a book, and no idea on how to accomplish it. Book to Brand is a two day workshop in New York City, where the participants meet Farnoosh, publishers, successful authors, literary agents, and much more. Individuals leave the workshop knowing their book topic and armed with powerful relationships with individuals who will help them achieve their goals. After the workshop, participants still have access to 2 hour calls, and numerous resources at their disposal.


Resources From This Episode:

**Farnoosh’s Book: When She Makes More

My first interview on the So Money Podcast

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