HMM 134: How To Make Peace With Your Food and Body With Lisa Carpenter

HMM 134: How To Make Peace With Your Food and Body With Lisa Carpenter

It’s a fact, wanting to lose weight and wanting to look better in the mirror is top of mind. What does making peace with food and your body have to do with how you treat your finances? There are more parallels in these two topics than you think.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How tracking her money led to her to increase the trust she had in herself around managing money
  • Why tracking your food or money is giving back your power versus restricting it
  • How structure is flexible and why we need to embrace it
  • Why you need to trust your own wisdom

Lisa’s View on Dieting:

For two decades, Lisa has been working with women and men to better their lives. Unlike most dieting coaches, Lisa focuses more on the mindset and “doing”’ part of things. She strives to empower her clients to decide what they are eating so they can get rid of their guilt. With her new book, “Let’s E.A.T!”, Lisa’s goal is to make it easier for women to digest the content of her E.A.T! program, and address the thing most people avoid: addiction. Her new book allows individuals to dip into the philosophies of her program, complete with a robust set of resources, before fulling diving in.

How Money Relates to Health:

Your relationship with money, food, or health is a symptom of something else going on in your life. Your actions are a result of the things you believe to be true about yourself. Many of these things become automatic, and in order to change you need to change the way you think. Trying to change the symptom directly without addressing the underlying issue will bring you back to where you started. Money and health are about listening to yourself. You have to change your thoughts and beliefs and take responsibility for the choices you are making, and understand that you cannot “do” your way or “be” your way to results.  

In Lisa’s case, she began logging her spending to create awareness. The more she did this, the more she could trust herself to manage her own money. It is important to look at the small action steps that can change your view.

Getting Through the Learning Curve:

The beginning is always the hardest; it takes work. Once the initial discomfort of figuring out the framework passes, you are left with ease and comfort. The result is a different level of consciousness. Logging food is a way of creating consciousness. It is a way of getting back your power. There is so much freedom in structure because structure is flexible. Everyone is different, that is why it is important for you to bring in your own intuition; you know what to reach for. Being able to make it your own stops the obsession, whether it be around food or money because you better understand. Your decisions come from a deep sense of knowing, rather than hoping it will work out. Use the tools given by professionals as guidance; trusting in yourself is what is most important.

The Importance of Confidence:

Many of Lisa’s clients come to her as “experts”. They have tried many things and failed, leaving them with a lack of self-trust. They understand that they are struggling. In order to tune into their bodies, they must trust in themselves and own their confidence. To embrace themselves is to own their confidence.

If you are successful in one part of your life, you are capable of creating it in another. This applies to confidence just the same. To better yourself is to take responsibility for where you are struggling. It may be uncomfortable, but you need to embrace your confidence knowing that you can learn.

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