HMM 11: Impulse Purchases, An Intimate Relationship With Amazon, and Balance With Maggie Patterson

HMM 11: Impulse Purchases, An Intimate Relationship With Amazon, and Balance With Maggie Patterson
If you haven’t had your cup of coffee yet and you are dragging your feet, this week’s episode can be your shot of espresso.  My latest guest Maggie Patterson brings lots of energy as shares her money story.  Besides a successful entrepreneur, she’s also a wife and mother which is the side I wanted to bring to the show–you’ll have to let me know how we did!

**FYI, there is one slight curse word that I overlooked and didn’t mention on the podcast, it’s just one time–so if you have your little ones around just be please be aware of that.**


What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • A money lesson her mom taught her early on that included the Christmas wishlist
  • The best money advice she received from one of her former employers
  • A habit her and her husband formed early on that is going to help their son later in life
  • The type of impulse purchases she has made and what she has learned from it
  • The scoop on her intimate relationship with Amazon
  • What she has learned about balance, life and money and so much more

Resources From This Episode:

Where to learn more about Maggie and all the magic she creates:

Her podcast:  The Marketing Moxie Show

Some last thoughts from me–Maggie talks about having reached that balance of saving vs enjoying life.  I want to challenge you to check in with yourself and look at where you are at with that.

Do you find yourself consistently saving and then going on a spending binge?  Or maybe you are spending more than saving?  What does your scenario look like?  What can you do in your specific situation to reach that balance?

Finding that balance will help you live a happier more fulfilling life.   Let us know your thoughts and reflections in the comments!

Abrazos (**hugs**),



P.S. THANK YOU for listening!

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One Response to HMM 11: Impulse Purchases, An Intimate Relationship With Amazon, and Balance With Maggie Patterson

  1. Othelia January 12, 2021 at 4:52 pm #

    Hey Jen

    I came across your podcast through an article I was reading on pinterest and that was the end of year 2020, finally listened to your podcast and its amazing, it’s informative and makes one really feel part of a sisterhood on the same mission of financial freedom and wealth accumulation in whatever small ways we as women are winning daily.

    I was looking for the free gift the jump start your money mini guide however I don’t seem to get it under the podcast notes, is it possible to request for it to be e-mailed to my inbox

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