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    Session #3

"Navigating Debt and Mental Health"

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GOAL OF SESSION: To simplify how you navigate debt and the mental health challenges that can accompany it. 

Jen Hemphill

AFC®, Award-winning podcaster, Author, and Speaker


Jen Hemphill is an award-winning podcaster, AFC® (Accredited Financial Counselor), author, and speaker.Her mission is to help Latinas be more confident and simplify their finances they can save more, get out of debt quicker, and build wealth!You can witness her mission in action through her podcast Her Dinero Matters and annual event Financially Strong Latina®


Torres - Haddad

MPA, Financially Savvy Latina, Investor, Podcaster

About Natalie - SPEAKER

She is an international award winning author, best seller, financial literacy educator and bilingual podcast cohost of Financially Savvy in 20 Minutes. Her expertise has been featured in LA Times, Huffington Post, and many news outlets such as Univision, Telemundo, NBC, ABC and Fox.

Forbes April 2020 Issue featured her as the "Trailblazer for financial literacy and mental health advocate".

A two time TEDx speaker known for her talk “The foreign language of financial literacy” and "The confidence Gap".


Some of her videos have received over a million views and is a sought out keynote speaker all over the country as a financial literacy and mental health advocate. A first generation college graduate from CSULB, in Finance and International Business with a Masters from CSUN, she focuses on helping those with debt and working toward financial independence with her business Financially Savvy Latina with a series of books and bilingual content creation.  Her first co-written children's book in 2020 Made the #1 best seller on Amazon: "A dress to remember" based on the nonprofit LA's Prom Closet she had for several years.

Born in El Salvador, and raised in Inglewood she quickly understood that the lack of financial literacy limits her community of basic human rights and equality in resources. She started investing in real estate at age 24 and began her career advocating for financial literacy after buying and selling several investments. After graduate school she found herself in over $40,000 in student debt.  She not only found a way to pay it off but has taught thousands of college grads how to pay off their debt.  She teaches the value of good debt or bad debt and the power of financial leverage.  

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