From TikTok to the Comedy Stage: How One Comedian Bet on Herself | HDM 376

Are you willing to leave your comfort zone and bet on yourself to achieve your dreams? Pursuing your dreams often requires leaving your comfort zone and overcoming self-doubt. You may fear failing or worry about wasting time on something others discourage you from. But commitment is key when the path gets tough.

Investing in yourself can make a real difference by boosting confidence and opening new possibilities. Self-improvement builds security and skills, allowing you to pursue your aspirations, whether starting a business, changing careers, learning new hobbies, or anything else you dream of.

As our guest today, Jasmine Ruiz says, dedicating time to develop your talents pays dividends by making you capable of accomplishments you once thought impossible. Believe in your potential and go confidently toward the future you envision.
Jasmine Ruiz was born and raised in the Bronx and educated at Barnard. After 7 years in corporate America, she quit to focus on her creative endeavors as a writer, comedian, and actress full time. Her comedy focuses on relatable life experiences, living in NYC, and being Puerto Rican. 

Her journey demonstrates the power of self-belief and relentlessly betting on your own potential.

What you’ll learn about in today’s episode:

  • How Jasmine prioritizes spending money on growing her skills to reach her dreams.
  • Why it takes sacrifice and belief in yourself to overcome the financial roadblocks of a creative career.
  • Why inserting comedy into money conversations can ease tension and create bonding experiences.

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Resources from this episode:

Connect with Jasmine: @thejasmineruiz

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