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Becoming the Fiscal Femme with Ashley Feinstein | HMM 164

HMM 164: Becoming the Fiscal Femme with Ashley Feinstein

Ashley Feinstein Genstley began her career as an investment broker, but eventually found herself bleeding through her own money.

This realization led her on a journey which lead to her eventually becoming the Fiscal Femme.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Her obsession with horses as a little girl and how that lead to a memorable purchase [2:37]
  • How she went from an investment banker to the fiscal femme [7:08]
  • A fantastic tip to help debunk those limiting beliefs [14:40]
  • Why she wrote her book that recently hit the shelves! [17:06]

Resources From This Episode:

The Fiscal Femme

The 30-Day Money Cleanse book**

Fiscal Femme on IG

Last chance to register for free webinar: 4 Indispensable Moves for a Slam Dunk Year

**Please note the link is an  affiliate link so I may receive a small commission if you purchase**

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HMM 164: Becoming the Fiscal Femme with Ashley Feinstein

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