Become a More Powerful Woman When You Invest | HDM 254

Become a More Powerful Woman When You Invest | HDM 254

There is no doubt you can become a more powerful woman when you invest. Money is not everything but it does give you options. Of course, life sometimes tends to get in the way. None of us are immune to tragedy or going through challenging situations that are not in our control. In order to reach your goals, you need to align your actions to them and focus on the things you can control. For example, spending, making decisions, investing, and where to put your money are situations you can control in order to reach your financial goal.

 Being financially stable opens choices and opportunities for you. It also gives you the power to decide when and where to spend your time and money in other words being a more powerful woman!

Jully-Alma Taveras, the founder of Investing Latina, writer, and producer, shares with us several personal financial lessons that helped her to be financially stable, and how she went from being a spending Latina to investing Latina.

What you’ll learn about in today’s episode:

  • The lessons Jully learned while working in her parent’s bodega
  • Her passion for fashion and what happened during this time that led her to finding herself in a lot of debt
  • The turning point in her life and how she began taking investing seriously
  • Why she started her platform Investing Latina

Jully’s Money Story

Her first money memory was when her father gave her a credit card at the age of 12. Her parents worked very hard to get the things they wanted. They had a bodega in the Bronx selling groceries and such, where she started to work on weekends and summers. While working with her parents she started to establish her work ethic and discipline to do things and to be creative to make money, Jully also learned to enjoy work and stayed busy. After working with her parents at the bodega, she had several jobs, working at the mall, and in the fashion industry.

 While she was in college, she worked in a nonprofit organization that gave her access to start a retirement fund. In the beginning, she didn’t know about compounding interest and how much the account would grow, but she did invest some. In the years following, Jully continued in the fashion industry and found herself becoming a shopping addict and accumulating a lot of debt.

How She Began Taking Investing Seriously And A More Powerful Woman

During the time she found herself spending a lot of her money and accumulating debt, she never stopped investing in her retirement fund. Those investments continued growing, but she didn’t pay too much attention.

It was when her father was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 that helped her to shift her mindset about money and realize the importance of investing at such an early age. Jully decided to pay off her debt and stop her big-spending habits. She started to take control of the things she can control, like spending and managing her money.

 In 2016 she went full force in terms of investing and building wealth. Jully did this to set things up well for herself and be able to take care of her parents. She did this because being financially stable has given her the opportunity to spend time on the important things, like family. Taking these actions also made her a more powerful woman.

Investing Latina Platform

Jully started the “Investing Latina” platform to share her story, the tips she knows about investing, and how she got out of debt. A big part of the success of “Investing Latina” has a lot to do with how many Latinos do not talk about money and share these kinds of stories. Jully feels great in having the opportunity to share her stories and help other Latinas become more powerful women.

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Become a More Powerful Woman When You Invest | HDM 254