Ask Jen: Should I Use a Balance Transfer Offer to Pay Off My Debt? | HDM 324

Ask Jen: Should I Use a Balance Transfer Offer to Pay Off My Debt?

Do you feel guilt because you bring in less than your significant other? Or maybe you aren’t sure if you should use a balance transfer to pay a credit card debt? Today, in this solo episode, I am going to answer these two questions in depth so you can make the best decision for you and your household.

Enjoy this episode! Don’t hesitate to ask me and I’ll be more than happy to answer your financial questions here, in one of the episodes of the Her Dinero Matters podcast.

You will also hear the following in today’s episode:

  • Why being proud of your accomplishments matters and how it can help you
  • A few tips and ideas when exploring your options for making more money. 
  • Key points to understand when comparing  paying your credit card debt with a balance transfer vs. a personal loan

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↳ Carmen’s question – My fiancé makes double what I do and I honestly would just feel comfortable and lose less sleep when I know we make closer to the same amount. What should I do? [2:49]

    ↳Be proud of your accomplishments [4:55]

    ↳Explore your options [9:42]

    ↳Get clear on the goal [16:30]

↳ Norvella’s question – Should I use a balance transfer offer to pay off a credit card or should I use a personal loan? [19:45]

    ↳Balance transfer [21:11]

                     Asses your spending behavior [21:20]

                     ↳Look at the offer and map out a plan [23:34]

     ↳Personal Loan [27:27]

                     Do some shopping [27:27]

                    ↳Look into the terms of the loan [27:54]

                    ↳Address how you got in into debt [30:15]

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