A New Definition of Driven with The Finance Twins | HDM 192

HDM 192: A New Definition of Driven with The Finance Twins
The Finance Twins (Camilo and Francisco) had a good life until their life got turned upside down. They lost their dad at 7 years of age and their mom had to raise three boys on her own.

Despite enduring financial hardship The Finance Twins preserved and had an uncanny drive that got them to Harvard, Mayo Clinic and so much more.

Be sure to tune in to this episode to hear their inspiring story and how they made me tear up.

What you’ll learn about in today’s episode:

  • The lessons they learned after losing their father at 7 years of age and witnessing their mom’s credit card getting declined
  • Why they would wake up at 3:30 am before school as kids
  • What happened as a result of getting credit cards once they turned 18 years of age

Pregunta of the Week:

🤔 Why did Camilo and Francisco decide to take out credit cards at 18 years of age? 🤔

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The Finance Twins

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HDM 192: A New Definition of Driven with The Finance Twins

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