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8 Consideraciónes Grandes al Invertir en Bienes Raíces con Natalie Torres-Haddad

8 Consideraciónes Grandes al Invertir en Bienes Raices con Natalie Torres-Haddad


Investing in real estate (invertir en bíenes raices) can be a good decision in your financial life, but it is one where you really need to do a good job on your homework. If you don’t you’ll have to navigate some muddy waters which is why you should consider several key factors when investing in real estate.

Fortunately, we have the experienced real estate investor Natalie Torres-Haddad to learn from.



What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • 8 essential tips to get you started in real estate investing
  • Her biggest influence into making a career in financial education
  • The substantial mistake we are making that impacts our financial future


Resources From This Episode:

Natalie on IG: FinanciallySavvyLatina


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