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Same Household, Different Money Stories with Latina Money Moms

HDM 28: Same Household, Different Money Stories With Latina Money Moms

Have a sibling who grew up with you? Maybe you noticed that even in living in the same household you had different money stories. It’s very possible.

This week we have 2 sisters Esperanza and Crystal who have very different money stories even when living in the same household.

Esperanza and Crystal are the faces behind the blog Latina Money Moms.

What you’ll learn about in today’s episode:

  • How these two sisters had the same upbringing but different money stories
  • How the pawn shops were their family’s emergency funds and why these sisters vowed to do different
  • The story behind Crystal’s car purchase at a 25% interest rate for the loan (and what she learned from this)
  • Esperanza’s pivotal moment that helped her shift from earning $14k a year to now 6 figures

Resources From This Episode:

@LatinaMoneyMoms on Instagram

Latina Money Moms website

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