When it comes to money, there is one thing I know for sure:  

You'd rather run as fast as you can than face it or even talk about it.    

It brings the feeling of overwhelm, the thought of hiding in the corner of the bathroom because you feel ashamed or embarrased, the frustration of feeling stuck in the same place after doing everything '"right".  


Before we do let me ask you a question.

Can you remember the last time you saw this really great vacation package where your eyes lit up and thought "We've got to go there!"

THEN your heart dropped because reality sank in.

Now back to facing it and talking about it.  

It's time to master those money skills so you can..

...start saving for the things that are most important to you like those dreamy trips you have been holding out on (hello Costa Rica!)

...bid your final farewell to that debt that has been a royal pain

...invite your budget for a permanent stay because you make the rules

...start saving for the future because now you are confident you won't have to work forever

...set some money aside to splurge without the guilt, no one to answer to not even your budget

Think it is out of reach?

Absolutely not, it is completely doable!

Can you remember the last time you accomplished something major for you?

Maybe it was a 5k, or if you are as crazy like my husband a Mud Run, or something like that.  

What do they have in common?  

People cheering (support)

The expectation to finish (accountability)

Guidance and knowledge are great, but everyone needs support and accountability to reach new heights!

Why should you become a member?

--Gain INSTANT cheerleaders by being surrounded with like-minded women who are facing similar challenges

-- STOP BEING STRESSED about the $$ and start enjoying the amazing things it can do for you!

--STOP FIGHTING internally and externally about money

--GAIN CLARITY + CONFIDENCE with your financial picture while having fun planning your financial future

--IMMEDIATELY start the journey to become FEARLESS with your money.


Here is the deal, I want to make this as affordable as possible!  Why?  

Because I want you to have the opportunity to have the support change your financial picture for the one you have been dreaming of!

So I'm charging just $25 a month!  YES, you read that right only $25 (USD) a month. 

**Prices are increasing slightly in this next enrollment**

That's less than a night out with the family.  

Yes! Notify Me When Enrollment Opens!


---LIVE support & guidance with monthly members-only calls

---Monthly Hot Seat Calls to get some insights from the group on your situation

---Want even more support?  Sign up for an accountability partner 

---'Sisterhood-only' money tools and resources

--- ‘Sisterhood-only’ Facebook Group for accountability + weekly office hours

---Introductory Money Reboot Audio that will get you started on your financial journey with confidence AND on a fresh slate

---Lifetime access to recording of monthly calls and materials (+updates) 

What happens if I'm not happy and want to cancel?

I'm so glad you asked this!  
It's ok if it is not a good fit for you.
It is super easy, you can send us an email saying you want to cancel and we'll take care of the rest!  
It's as simple as that!  
Note:  There are no refunds given as it is a service, but we'll be happy to process the cancellation.   
Go ahead and grab access to the sisterhood!  Can't wait to see you on the "inside".   
I WANT IN! Let Me Know When The Doors Open!

Hear what one of our members has to say!

"The Fearless Money Sisterhood membership has a powerhouse of resources — from the worksheets, the materials, and the Facebook Group. The mini-classes and bonus materials in the membership site are thorough and very well done. What really brings it all together, though, Jen herself. She is a coach in the true sense of the word. She doesn’t let you off easy, and at the same time she is inspirational and motivating. After working with Jen, I finally have a sense of optimism when it comes to money and a Money Plan that is making a real difference for my family. " --Laura, St. Louis, MO