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HMM 93 - Power of Braffirmations

HMM 93: The Power Of Braffirmations With Tonya Rineer

From interior design to money mindset guru.  This describes what happened with Tonya Rineer. She shares her story of how when serving her interior design clients she was really more interested in digging into their money mindset and so much more. What you’ll learn about in today’s episode: What a “braffirmation” is and how it […]

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HMM BONUS Military Saves

Bonus Episode: Military Saves Week Chat With USAA

  There are a lot of initiatives out there focused on financial education.  America Saves is one and from that stems Military Saves.   One thing that I want to be doing more of is helping to raise awareness of these campaigns that already exist (remember Women’s Money Week back in January?). Military Saves Week […]

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HMM 92 - Self-Care Matters

HMM 92: Why Self-Care Matters to Your Money

  When was the last time you spoke money and self-care in the same conversation?  Chances are rare.  We don’t think self-care matters when we think money, but the fact is that it does. Even though we tend to disregard it, we need to do more self-care!  It doesn’t have to be another dreaded “to […]

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